The Blue Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean waters are ornamented with beautiful motorsailers or as we call them Gulets for centuries. in the past Gulets used to serve Greek or Turkish or phoenicians traders as cargo carriage vessels in between the greek islands and the mainland Anatolia up untill large steel cargo ships has taken over their duty to deliver goods and passangers between mainland and the islands.

Motorsailer Gulet Charter

Late 80’s and early 90’s motor sailer Gulet cruise and yacht charter holiday makers loved the joy and serenity aboard gulets with their spacious and seaworthy design which allowed private and crewed yacht charter holiday makers to visit little islands where their is no access anything else but ships.  including b ut not limites to secluded bays, little coves and small islands with little taverns and greek cafes as well as local restaurants where fresh fish and sea food served .

Motorsailer Gulet Charter 

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